Discover why Washington D.C. is  a great place for a family vacation.


DC is home to the winning Washington Nationals and the Nat’s stadium is located in a great newly revitalized area of the city. When the Nats are at home grab a ticket and take your kids out with the crowd!

To get there it is best to take the metro to the Navy Yard station located on the metro’s Green line. For more information on navigating the metro click here. Parking passes are often for sale on the Washington National’s website along with tickets. Click here for the Nats website. If you decide to drive and park keep an eye out for the pedicabs (or rickshaws) around the stadium and hop on for a short ride.

In addition to the actual baseball game and the required popcorn and cracker jack, Nats stadium has a Build-a-Bear workshop where you can build your own Nats mascot, Screech the Eagle, and a playground. Both of these are located near the stadium’s main entrance.

Be sure to be back in your seats for the fourth inning when you’ll see the very popular President’s Race. Four mascots representing Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt race against one another in a hilarious lap around the field.

Click here for more information about the tradition and get ready to cheer for poor Teddy, who has never won a race.

The best kid’s activity at the ballgame is the running of the bases, which kids can do after Sunday home games. Click here for a schedule.

All kids ages 4-12 can participate and my advice is to line up during the 7th inning. The line begins on the steps to the left of the playground. Don’t be intimidated if the line looks long, once the kids start running it moves very quickly. And what a thrill to run the bases on a real baseball field!

Just outside of the ballpark, the Fairgrounds hosts a Family Carnival on Sundays from 11:30 am until 2 hours after the game. This open air venue is located on Half Street, SE. You’ll find mechanical & inflatable rides, games, children’s activities and adult diversions.

If you’re looking for dinner after a game, hop on a pedicab and head to near by Barrack’s Row on 8th Street, SE where you’ll find a variety of family friendly options. Click here for a complete list of restaurants. Two of our favorites are Ted’s Bulletin and Matchbox Pizza. The Eastern Market metro stop is near by so you can head directly back to the hotel after dinner.

A day at the ballpark promises to be a fun adventure for the whole family and I bet you have no trouble getting the kids to sleep at the end of the day.

Go Nats!


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