Discover why Washington D.C. is  a great place for a family vacation.


People normally think D.C. is all “museums, monuments, more museums, and more monuments.” Stop. That. Thought. As a local I know there is more than that to D.C. Well, I have some high flying adventure for you.

DC Trapeze School

One option is Trapeze School New York. Though that it is confusing, yes, it is in D.C. They offer a varity of classes such as flying trapeze, silks, static trapeze, trampolining, Lyra, Spanish web, acrobatics, and juggling. Click here for up coming classes. They also offer outdoor flying trapeze. I’ve personally done flying trapeze. It is such a thrilling experience. There is no specific age you have to be but, since it is about two hours they suggested ages six and up is recommend because they have a longer attention span. Some of the highlights are attempting to do a flip off of the trapeze bar, or just the feeling of flying.

Sandy Springs Ropes Course

A second option is Sandy Springs Adventure Park and Ropes Course. The name pretty much explains itself, it is a ropes course. There are 13 different trails and 190 challenges. You do have to be five and up to climb. They have special events such as Glow in the Dark Date Night. You can bring you boyfriend, girlfriend, BFF, or people you love (like your family). They also have night climbing! Since it is about 40 minutes outside of D.C., in Sandy Springs, you might need a rental car or just a friend who lives in the city.

We all know you can learn a lot at museums and monuments, but I hope you find a new love or interest in high flying adventure when you come to D.C.

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